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September 21, 2021
  Product Index
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   12" Dia. Brass Pans and Covers
   12" Dia. Stainless Steel Pans and Covers
   16 oz Tinned Sample Containers (Pkg of 144)
   16 oz Tinned Sample Containers (Pkg of 72)
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   8" Dia. Brass Pans and Covers
   8" Dia. Stainless Steel Pans and Covers
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   Aggregate Washer, Compact
   Aggregate Washer, Deluxe w/ Fixed Speed
   Aggregate Washer, Deluxe w/ Fixed Speed. 220V/50Hz
   Aggregate Washer, Large Capaciry
   Aluminum Disposable Sample Chambers (Pkg. of 100)
   Anvil, Calibration Anvil for Concrete Test Hammer
   Aquaterr Digital Soil Moisture, Temperature and Salinity Meters
   Asphalt Depth Gauge
   Asphalt Institute's Mix Design Methods for Asphalt (6th Edition)
   Asphalt Pavement Analyzer
   Asphalt Pavement Thickness Design Software
   ASPHALT-IT Ver. 8.0
   ASR Detection Kit
   Autoignition Apparatus (Crucible Furnace), 220-240V 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 7.7A
   Automatic Volume Change Apparatus
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   Balance, 12 Kg x 0.1 g, Swing Arm by A&D
   Balance, 21 Kg x 0.1 g, Swing Arm by A&D
   Balance, Ohaus Explorer, High Capacity, 12Kg x 0.1 G
   Bench Oven, Grieve Large Capacity
   Bench Oven, The Workhorse
   Bore Gauge Kit for Gyratory Molds
   Brass Cube Mold with Base
   Breaking Head, Marshall 6"
   Breaking Point Apparatus
   Brookfield Rotational Viscometer
   Brookfield Rotational Viscometer System (SUPERPAVE PKG)
   Brush for Coarse Mesh Sieves (Set of 2)
   Brush for Fine Mesh Sieves (Set of 2)
   Bucket, for portable mixer, SS, 10 gal.
   Bucket, for portable mixer, SS, 5 gal.
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   Calibration Oil, High Temperature for DSR/ADS
   Caliper, Digital
   Caliper, Proportional /Flat & Elongated Gauge)
   Can, Sample Tin Can, Round 1 Gallon Capacity. Case of 34
   CBR Accessories
   Centrifuge Extractors, Electric, 1500g Capacity
   Chace Air Indicator Kit
   Chemistry of Soils
   Chisel Edge Pick, 20 oz
   Closed Cup Flash Point Tester, Pensky-Martens Automatic
   Compactor, Mechanical Soil
   Compression Testing Machine - Digital - 500,000 lb.
   Concrete Compression Machine, 500K LB.
   Concrete Pocket Penetrometer, Dial Type
   Concrete Test Hammer
   Consolidation Load Frame (Dead Weight)
   Consolidation Load Frame, Pneumatic Dead Weight
   Consolidometer, Expansion Index
   Constant Head Tank, 1000 cc Capacity
   Construction Measurements
   Core Drill, Multi-purpose
   Core Puller (AKA, The Gripper) for 6" Core Samples
   CoreLok Density Measurement Device
   Corps of Engineers Wash Screen Assembly
   Curing Tank Heater
   Cyclic Triaxial Set PC Controlled
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   Dead Weight Direct/Residual Shear w/2.5" Shear Ring
   Delmhorst KS-D1 Digital Soil Moisture Tester
   Density Gauge, Electrical
   Dial Indicator, 0.2" Range by .0001" Resolution
   DigiRoller™ Plus II Digital Measuring Wheel
   Digital Dial Indicator, .6" Range x .0001" Res.
   Digital Temperature Recorder w/Digital Display
   Direct Tension System, AsphaltPro
   Direct Tension System, BDT
   Distillation Apparatus
   Distillation System, Vacuum
   Double Ring Infiltromerer
   Drill, Light Weight and Portable Core Drill
   DSR Asphalt Sample Trim Tool (Package of 2)
   DSR Asphalt Sample Trim Tool (Package of 6)
   DSR Asphalt Trim Tool (Package of 25)
   DSR II Rheometer - Air Bearing
   DSR Silicone Rubber Mold Set (19 mm Dia.)
   DSR Silicone Rubber Mold Set (9 mm Dia.)
   DSR Silicone Rubber Mold Set (9&19 mm Dia.)
   DSR Temperature Probe
   Dual Extraction Apparatus, 115V50/60Hz
   Dual Timer/Clock
   Ductility Machine, Constant Temperature w/Circulator, 115V 60Hz
   Ductility Testing Machine, Single-Speed
   Ductility Testing Machine, Standard W/O Circulator, 115V 60Hz
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   Econ-O-Beam 6" x 6" x 21" Mold
   Ejector for 4" and 6" Dia. Asphalt or Soils Sample
   Ejector, Soil Samples, 4"/6" Dia. Combination
   Electric Centrifuge Extractors, 3000g Capacity
   Environmental Sampling and Analysis: A Practical Guide
   Extruded Aluminum Collapsible Tubes
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   Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test (Software Included)
   Field Guide for Soil and Stratigraphic Analysis
   Filterless Centrifuge, 120V/60Hz
   Filterless Centrifuge, 220V50Hz
   Flash Point Tester, Automatic Cleveland Open Cup
   Flash Point Tester, Automatic Tag Closed Cup, Standard Range (0 to 100°C
   Flash Tester, Cleveland Open-Cup
   Flash Tester, Tag Closed Cup
   Floor Standing Soils Resilient Modulus Testing System
   Force Ductility Test Assembly, 115V/60Hz
   Freezing Point Apparatus, 115V 50/60Hz
   Fully-Automated, Single Axis Closed-Loop Hydraulic Testing System
   Fundamentals of Soil Science
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   Geiger Counter/Radiation Meter
   Geotechnical Gauge Chart
   Geovane Soil Shear Strength Tester
   Gloves for Water Bath, Insulated
   Graduated Cylinders
   Grinder for Soil, 110V, 60Hz,
   Grinder, Multi Sample Concrete Cylinder End Grinder (240V/50Hz)
   Grinder, Multi Sample Concrete Cylinder End Grinder (240V/60Hz)
   Ground Water Monitering, Practical Handbook
   Guelph Permeameter
   Gyratory Compactor
   Gyratory Compactor, Superpave
   Gyratory Compactor; Export, 220-240V/50Hz
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   Hand-Driven Centrifuge Extractors
   Harvard Miniature Compaction Apparatus
   Hot Plate w/Industrial Cast Iron Top, Remote Control, 120V 50/60Hz
   Hot Plate, Aluminum Top Hot Plate w/12" x 12" (30.5cm x 30.5cm) Heating Surface, 120 V 50/60Hz
   Hot Plates, Explosion Proof, 120V 50/60Hz
   Hubbard-Carmick, Specific Gravity 25 ML Bottle
   Hydrometer Analysis Bath
   Hydrometer Bath, Constant Temperature, 12 Unit
   Hydrometer Cylinder, Brass, 2.5" Dia.x12"H (64X305mm)
   HYTECH High Strength Capping Compound, 50lb. bag
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   In-Line Viscometer
   Industrial Ovens/Lab/Test
   Infrared Thermometer Gun, Laser Sight - NIST Traceable
   Infrared Thermometer Gun, Laser Sight - NIST Traceable
   Infrared Thermometer Gun - NIST Traceable
   Infrared Thermometer, –76 to 932°F and –60 to 500°C
   Inspection Vane Shear Tester
   IQ 120 Waterproof pH Meter
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   Kelway Soil pH and Moisture Meter
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   Laboratory Viscometer, Temperature-Controlled w/Choice of Piston Range
   Lid, Round Sample Plastic Pail Lid. White. 2-Gallon Capacity. Pkg. of 25
   Load Frame w/500 lb. Load Ring, Unconfined Hand Cranked
   Los Angeles Abrasion Machine
   Lottman Breaking Head for 6" Dia.
   Lottman Breaking Head, 4" Dia.
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   Manual Soil Compaction Hammer, Standard 5.5-lb., 12" Drop
   Marshall Breaking Head (for 4" Dia. Sample)
   Marshall Load Frame, .02 - 2"/min
   Mary Ann Sifter
   Membrane Stretchers
   Micro-Deval Tester
   Min/Max Thermometer (Pkg. of 2)
   Mixer with Adjustable Mixing Angle, Bucket Type, 1/2 HP, 60 RPM, 5 gal.
   Mobile Bucket Mixers
   Moisture Room Control System (Assembled Control Panel)
   Mold, Compaction Permeameter, 4"
   Mortar and Pestle
   Munsell Book of Color, Nearly Neutrals Edition
   Munsell Color Tree
   Munsell Electrical Power Industry Standard Color Coding Charts
   Munsell One-Volume Book of Color - Matte Collection
   Munsell Plant Tissue Color Charts
   Munsell Soil Color Charts
   Munsell Two-Volume Book of Color - Glossy Collection
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   NCAT Asphalt Content Furnace by Barnstead (208V)
   NCAT Asphalt Content Furnace by Barnstead (208V) CE
   NCAT Asphalt Content Furnace by Barnstead (240V)
   NCAT Ignition Furnace by Carbolite
   NCAT Moisture Determination Oven
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   Oven, Bench, 7 CF, Digital Controller
   Ovens for Superpave, 8, 12, 18 CF Chambers
   Ovens, Despatch, Forced Convection High-Performance, 1 CF to 18 CF
   Ovens, Despatch, Gravity Convection, Benchtop, 2.3 CF to 18 CF
   Ovens, Despatch, Superpave, Forced Convection, 2.3 CF up to 27 CF
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   Pail, Round Sample Plastic Pail (w/o Lid). White. 2-Gallon Capacity. Pkg. of 25
   Penetrometer Bath
   Permeability Test Chamber, Flexwall for 4" Dia Samples w//2.8" Cap
   Permeameter, Asphalt for 6" Dia. Specimens
   Permeameter, Constant/Falling Head, 2.5" Inside Dia.
   Permeameter, Rigid Wall, 2" Dia.
   Pocket Penetrometer
   Porous Stones
   Pressure Aging Vessel (Prentex)
   Pressure Meter, Type A
   Pressure Meter, Type B
   Proctor Compaction Set for 6" Dia. Sample
   Proctor Compaction Set for 4" and 6" Dia. Samples
   Proctor Compaction Set for 4" Dia. Sample
   Proctor Penetrometer Set
   Pyrometers, Digital
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   Refrigerating/Heating Circulator, 120V/50Hz
   Refrigerating/Heating Circulator, 6 Liters, 120V60HZ
   Resistivity Meter Kit for Soil Field Testing
   Rock Color Chart
   Rolling Thin-Film Oven, Cox and Sons, 60Hz.
   Rolling Thin-Film Oven, Despatch
   Roughness Meter
   RTFO Bottle Scraper
   RTFO Bottles
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   Sample Pans, 22 Guage Stainless Steel
   Sample Tin Can, Round 1 Quart Capacity. Case of 56
   Sand Equivalent Shaker, 115V/60Hz
   Sand/Gravel Permeameter w/Ports, 2.5" (63.4mm), Inside Dia.
   Saybolt Viscosimeter, 2 Tube Capacity
   Saybolt Viscosity Baths with Automatic Timing Option
   Scale (Digital Concrete Field Scale)
   Scale, Batching Scale, The Ranger
   Scale, Digital, 20kgx0.1g or 44x0.001lb.
   Scale, Digital, 20kgx1g or 44x0.01lb.
   Scoopsw/Round Bottom
   Sediment Extraction Apparatus
   Sieve Shaker, Budget, 8" (200 mm) dia. Sieves
   Sieve Shakers ( 8 & 12 inch models)
   Sieving Automation Software, COLLECT
   Silicone Mold for Forced Air Recovery Method
   Silicone Mold for testing Tack Coat Layer Between 150mm Dia. Cores
   Skid Resistance Tester, Pendulum Type
   Slake Durability Device
   Softening Point Apparatus
   Softening Point Apparatus Set
   Softening Point Apparatus, Automatic, 115V 60Hz
   Soil “ID” Finder
   Soil and Asphalt Test System
   Soil Compaction Tester
   Soil Processor, Automatic
   Speedy Moisture Tester Kit (26g)
   Speedy® 2000 Moisture Tester, 20g capacity
   Speedy® 2000 Moisture Tester, 6g capacity
   Split Miter Boxes
   SSDetect System
   Stainless Steel Spatula w/One Bent End, One Flat End (Pkg. of 6)
   Strain Gauge Set w/Inch Dial Indicator, Inch Invar Master Bar &Inch Punch Bar
   StripScan Anti-Strip Measurement System
   Superpave Mix Design Manual
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   Testing Screen, Gilson's TS-1
   Thermometer, Dial Type, 50-550 F, 30-270 C, (Pkg. of 6)
   Tins, Sample Tins Containers, 8 oz. (Pkg. of 144)
   Tongs for RTFO Bottle
   Torsional Vane Shear Tester
   Toughness & Tenacity Tester
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   USDA Soil Texturing Field Flow Chart
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   Vacuum Degassing Oven
   Vacuum Gauge , Digital
   Vacuum Gauge , Digital, NIST Traceable
   Vacuum Oven, Multipurpose, 120V 50/60Hz
   Vacuum Pycnometer. 2000g Capacity, 6" Deep, with Acrylic Lid and Metal Calibration Lid
   Viscotester Test Kit
   Void Content Apparatus
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   Water Bath Heater/Circulator, 120V50/60 Hz
   Water Bath Heater/Circulator, 120V50/60 Hz
   Wet Sieving Apparatus
   Wet Wash 12" Sieves
   Wheel Tracker, Dry
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   Yield Bucket, Steel

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