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August 3, 2021
  All Categories  >  Asphalt Pavement Testing (+Superpave)  >  Extraction/Centrifuge/Solvents
  Product Information
Electric Centrifuge Extractor w/Explosion Proof Motor, 1500g Capacity 230V/50Hz
Model: MTEC-3F
Price: $3,450.00
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
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 Electric Centrifuge Extractor w/Explosion Proof Motor, 1500g Capacity 230V/50Hz   MTEC-3F   $3,450.00      
   Product Model # Price   Sale Price Qty
 Bowl Cover for 1500g Capacity Electric Centrifuge Extractors   MTEC-A2   $165.00      
 Bowl for 1500g Capacity Electric Centrifuge Extractors   MTEC-A1   $438.00      
 Filter Paper for 1500g Capacity Centrifuge Extractors (Pkg. of 100)   MTEC-A3   $79.00      
  Used for solids quantification in liquid mediums and the determination of asphalt content in bituminous mixtures, the 1500g capacity models of centrifuge extractors are available in standard or digitally controlled models with open or explosion-proof motor options.

The standard models have a dial operated speed control that needs to be gradually increased manually to bring the units up to operating speed in the 0-3600 rpm range during testing. The control is mounted directly to the centrifuge base on the standard models. When the unit is switched off rotation is stopped by a brake.

Digitally Controlled models can be preset for time of 1-10 min. and the preset maximum speed is reached by an electronic acceleration control. The actual speed is displayed while the unit is running. When the time expires the unit stops automatically. The controls reset and by pressing the start button repeat for the next test. The control box is attached to the centrifuge by flexible conduit and can be mounted on the wall.

All contact parts are made of corrosion resistant lightweight cast aluminum with latches and four mounting holes. Bowl, cover, nut and ten filter rings are included with all models. Units measure approximately 17x17x18"(432x432x457mm, LxWxH.


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