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September 20, 2021
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StripScan Anti-Strip Measurement System
Model: MTPT-5
Price: Discontinued by MFG
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Usually ships in 6-14 days
  StripScan is an advanced device for measurement of liquid anti-strip additives in asphalt binder or asphalt mixtures. The device is fully automatic and the measurements are based on determination of pH levels by scanning the color index using a spectro photometer. The StripScan is equipped with heater and accurate controls. Once the unit reaches the correct temperature, an automatic five minute sampling process will measure and display the results on a large easy to read touch screen monitor.

Fully automated functions for: calibration, measurement, storage, printing, data management and pc interface.

With StripScan,you can now measure anti-strip liquid additives in the asphalt mixture or the binder. Use this device as a qualitative (go-no-go) instrument or use it to accurately measure the percentage of anti-strip liquids in the sample. The measurements can be done in minutes.

How Does it Work:

An asphalt sample is heated to 280° F and placed in an automatic, microprocessor controlled sample chamber. A special pH test strip is automatically placed over the sample and the unit initiates the measurement. The test strip is then read by a Spectro-photometer scanner and analyzed for the existence and percentage of anti-strip liquid additive in the sample.
  • Windows CE operating system with touch screen operations
  • Simple process requires very little operator involvement
  • Smart innovative algorithms will detect contamination from external materials


  • 13 amps
  • 120 voltz, 60 hz. optional (220 volt (50hz)
  • 0.5 inch diameter (1.3cm) photoelectric positioned sensor
  • 4 volt DC, 1.2 amp stepping motor
  • 400 nm to 700 nm spectral range
  • 4 mm diameter spectrometer measuring area
  • 31 point spectral data output
  • 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) to 104 degrees F (35 degrees C) operating temperature
  • 30% to 85% (non-condensing) relative humidity
  • 1200 watts, maximum 350 degrees F (177 degrees C)
  • Type J Thermocouple
  • 45 degrees/0 degrees spectrometer measuring geometry


  • Net Dimensions: 28x14x17" (71x33x43 cm)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 31x17x21" (79x43x53 cm)


  • Net Weight: 45 Lbs. (20 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 90 Lbs. (40 kg)

Included Accessories

  • Shipping Case
  • StripScan Spectrophotometer
  • Temperatur Probe, Sample Cans 5 Lbs, pH Test Strips, Vapor Traps, StripScan Software, Manual

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