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September 21, 2021
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  Product Information
Skid Resistance Tester, Pendulum Type
Model: ATAR-2
Price: $8,400.00
Sale Price: $7,875.00
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Inquire
   Product Model # Price   Sale Price Qty
 Skid Resistance Tester, Pendulum Type   ATAR-2   $8,400.00   $7,875.00    
   Product Model # Price   Sale Price Qty
 Base Plate   ATAR-2A1   $1,075.00      
 Calibration Kit for Skid Tester   ATAR-2A18   $2,318.00      
 Criggion Reference Sample/Conditioning Sample   ATAR-2A14   $115.00      
 Friction Disk Felt Washers, Set of 2   ATAR-2A17   $10.00      
 Instrument Case   ATAR-2A13   $800.00      
 Loctite 480   ATAR-2A15   $45.00      
 Mounted Slider 3 4 S   ATAR-2A9   $90.00      
 Mounted Sliders - 1.25 TRL, Set of 6   ATAR-2A6   $580.00      
 Mounted Sliders - 3" TRL, Set of 6   ATAR-2A8   $780.00      
 Pointer   ATAR-2A11   $40.00      
 Polishing Paper (Pink Lapping Paper) - Pkg. of 5 Sheets   ATAR-2A16   $30.00      
 Rubber Replacement Pad - 1.25" TRL   ATAR-2A2   $130.00      
 Rubber Replacement Pad 3 TRL   ATAR-2A3   $140.00      
 Rubber Replacement Pad 34 S   ATAR-2A4   $160.00      
 Slider Assembly   ATAR-2A10   $20.00      
 Tool Kit   ATAR-2A12   $175.00      
  The Skid tester can be used:

1. Outside - to measure the skid resistance of road surfaces
2. In the laboratory - to measure polished stone value (PSV).
3. Outside & inside - to measure the slip resistance of floors and walkway surfaces

Originally developed by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to study the problems in design and maintenance of public highways.

The Skid Tester is used to test the skid resistance (SRV) of existing road surfaces.

Also used in conjunction with the polishing machine (S882) to determine a PSV (Polished Stone Value) for aggregates used in road surfaces.

The instrument is now used in many other applications to test the slip resistance on pedestrian walkways and flooring, within offices, hospitals, shopping malls and factories, both at the design stage and also in the investigation of accidents.

The Skid Tester measures the frictional resistance between a rubber slider mounted on the end of a pendulum arm and the test surface. This provides highway and flooring engineers with a routine method of checking the resistance of wet and dry surfaces to slipping and skidding.

Machine Operation

The Skid Tester is based on the Izod principle. A pendulum consisting of a tubular arm rotates about a spindle attached to a vertical pillar. At the end of the tubular arm a head of constant mass is fitted with a rubber slider. The pendulum is released from a horizontal position so that it strikes the sample surface with a constant velocity. The distance travelled by the head after striking the sample is determined by the friction of the sample surface. A reading of Skid Resistance Values is obtained.


1. The skid tester is supplied as standard with six large mounted sliders. (If a mix of sliders is required please specify with your order we can then supply a total comprising three TRL and three PSV sliders or alternatively for floor use three Four S sliders).

2. Calibration of the instrument is included in the price. Calibration is carried out in house and we are accredited to ISO 9001:2000 for the setting testing and calibration of pendulum type, skid resistance testers, registered in the UK with ISOQAR. Our competitors charge extra for this service.

3. Unlike our competitors who charge extra the “F Sale” is an integral part of the Wessex instrument. (The “F Scale” is that part of the instrument essentially used in PSV friction testing)

4. Our instrument carrying case comprises a composite material construction with high density moulded foam insert, laser cut, for a snug tight fit of the instrument. This is far superior to anything else and ensures against damage during transit. Our competitors have a wooden carry case in which their instrument sits. It is a loose fit and we have known of incidences of transportation damage on a number of occasions.
  Testing Standards
  • EN 1097-8
  • Determination of Polished Stone Value AS/NZS 4586:1999
  • Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials BS 6077 Pt 1
  • Artificial sports surfaces: person/surface interaction BS 7188
  • In-situ flooring, part 3, practice for polymer modified cementitious wearing surfaces ASTM E 303
  • Measuring Surface Frictional Properties Using British Pendulum Tester Draft BS 7976
  • Method of operation and calibration of the pendulum tester EN 1436 : 1997
  • BS-812 PT 114
  • PREN 1097-8:2000
  • Clay and calcium silicate pavers for flexible pavements BS 7044
  • ASTM D 3319
  • Impact absorbing playground surfaces BS 8204



  • Net Dimensions: Approx: 28 x 29 x 9" (720x730x220 mm)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 11 CF


  • Shipping Weight: 85 Lbs

Included Accessories

  • Instrument carrying case
  • Folding Stool
  • Perspex setting guage
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Rubber Hardness Certificate
  • Tool roll with tools
  • Thermomenter -10 to +50 Degree C graduations
  • Water bottle spray action trigger type
  • Operation and Instruction Manual (English)
  • Six TRRL mounted sliders for highway use

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