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September 21, 2021
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Multi Sample Concrete Cylinder End Grinder (240V/60Hz)
Model: CTCG-2
Price: $19,385.00
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Inquire
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 Multi Sample Concrete Cylinder End Grinder (240V/60Hz)   CTCG-2   $19,385.00      
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 Multi Sample Concrete Cylinder End Grinder (240V/50Hz)   CTCG-2F   $19,385.00      
  The Concrete Cylinder End Grinder is an essential tool in any modern concrete laboratory. This multi-sample preparation unit cylinders eliminates the need for qualification test or documentation of common capping methods when testing design strengths exceeding 7000psi.

The Concrete Cylinder End Grinder can grind between 9000 to 12000 cylinders before the grinding head needs changed. The unit virtually eliminates the need for time consuming and labor incentive method of capping the cylinder ends. It can save samples with damaged or poorly finished ends that would otherwise be unusable for testing. Up to 130 cylinders mey be processed in a single 8-hour shift!

The unit can handle both 6" and 4" test cylinders processing up to three and four cylinders at a time, respectively. Provided spacers allows users to switch from 6" Dia. cutting to 4" Dia. cutting. Water is circulated to the unit for cooling the Diamond Head and flushing the cuttings. No special plumbing is needed. Once the cylinders are mounted in the carousel, the operation is completely automatic. The unit polishes the end of each sample and shuts down after the last sample.

ASTM C39, C617; CSA A23.1-00/A23.2-00


Accommodates three 6” (150mm) test cylinders per cycle, or four 4” (100mm) cylinders
Surface plane-ness 0.05mm (Normal Concrete); 0.025mm (High-Strength Concrete)
Perpendicularity to axis 0.5° 3mm in 300mm
Parallelism at the two end surfaces from perpendicular to axis <3°
Net Dimensions: 36x36x48" (914x914x1219mm), WxDxH.
Shipping Dimensions: 48x48x60", WxDxH
Shipping Weight: 750 Lbs


Precision results
Labor costs are optimized
Safe operation
Easy to install in flexible locations around your lab
Fully automatic, easy to operate
Environmentally safe
Quality construction
1 yr. limited warranty

Accessories and Replacement Parts:

Diamond Grinding Heads
Plane-ness Tool set (for sample end measurement)
Inspection Jig (to check for alignment and perpendecularity)
Water Tank Cart w/Wheels.

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