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September 21, 2021
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Pyrometers, Digital
Model: GLTH-3
Price: $383.00
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
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 Pyrometers, Digital   GLTH-3   $383.00      
  The Thermolyne PM20700 hand-held digital pyrometer is the QC/QA Managers best friend!

What is the temperature of the mat? Hand held infared devices are fun to play with, but if you really want to know what the temperature of the mat is behind the breakdown roller, you need to get into the center of the lift. The PM20700 with a type “K” immersion probe will allow you to check the actual temperature of the lift. Simply push the immersion probe to the center of the lift and read the display. Infrared guns will indicate the surface temperature, but once the roller has passed and deposited water on the surface, the temperatures will vary widely.

Verify temperatures of ovens and furnaces in the lab. Numerous types of thermocouple probes can be attached to the pyrometer to verify oven and furnace temperatures in the lab. Only pay for calibration services when and if they are needed. This device will allow you to verify your own equipment.

A Digital Pyrometer That’s Right for You
Choose from five different accessory probes to measure the temperature of liquids, solids or gases. “Hold function” stores measured temp-erature in memory. “RCD” records maximum and minimum values or held values. “Read” allows operator to read recorded values. “Range Select” automatically adjusts display resolution from 0.1°C to 1°C. “REL” displays the difference between initial measured value and succeeding measured values.

450 hours of dependable, continuous operation with automatic power OFF function (battery supplied with pyrometer). Pyrometer indicates open thermocouple or low battery conditions.


  • Ambient Temperature Limits C, Operating 0-50, Storage -35-60
  • Read-out Scale C and F
  • Range , K:-160(-256) to +1372 (2502)
  • Accuracy: T-temperature in C, T<0: +(0.002-1); 0<200:+(0.001T + 0.7); T>200: + (0.002T + 1)
  • Precision: T<200: 0.1C; T>200: 0.1C


  • Net Dimensions: 2.6"(6.6 cm)W x 1.4"(3.5)H x 7.7"(19.5)L


  • Shipping Weight: 1 lbs. (0.4 kg)

Recommended Accessories

  • AY589X1, calibration verification system for furnaces/ovens inc: pyrometer, 10" probe, certificate

Included Accessories

  • Battery supplied with pyrometer

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