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September 21, 2021
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NCAT Moisture Determination Oven
Model: GLOV-5
Price: $5,500.00
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Usually ships in 2-5 days
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 NCAT Moisture Determination Oven   GLOV-5   $5,500.00      
  A fully automatic moisture determination oven for asphalt mix, aggregates, and soils available now from the same innovative company that brought you the NCAT Asphalt Content Furnace.
A sample is dried to .01% of initial sample weight. This durable unit complies with ASTM 2216-92 and numerous state D.O.T. oven drying methods.
Currently there is an ASTM Provisional Standard in sub-committee D04.25 detailing the use of this unit to determine moisture content in Hot Mix Asphalt.

A Timesaver Friend…
Because this system is fully automatic, valuable technician time is not wasted by manually removing the sample from a standard oven for periodic weighing. The internal balance continually monitors the weight loss during the test. Once stability has been reached, the results are printed for a permanent record of the moisture content.
A 4000-gram sample of asphalt mix can typically be dried to a constant mass in 1 hour. Aggregates and soils can be dried to a constant mass in approximately 45 minutes.
Specially designed pans expose the top and underside of the sample to the drying process; this greatly reduces the time re-quired to dry a particular material.

Why Pay More Than You Need To…
When purchasing aggregates, why pay for moisture? The Thermolyne NCAT Moisture Determination Oven can give you fast ac-curate moisture contents and help reduce your costs for materials.
Monitor cold feed aggregates. Get quick and repeatable results all day long. Remember, saving liquid asphalt, SAVES YOU MONEY!

“Thermolyne Easy” Operation…Try It!
Simply input the sample weight into the system, raise the lid on the specially designed drying pan to the “drying” position and place the sample load into the oven. Press “start”. Unit will automatically detect the stability endpoint, end the test, and print the results!
Audible alarm alerts the user when sta-bility has been reached. Simply press “stop” to disable alarm and remove sample from oven. Easy!

An Oven That Wears Several Hats…
Extra shelves are included, so unit can be used as a regular oven for aging or heating.
Unit can be used for determining drain-down characteristics of SMA.
In today’s competitive world, your bus-iness needs every advantage it can find to help it be more profitable. The Thermolyne NCAT Moisture Determination Oven will bring uniformity and accuracy to your quality control department, helping the company produce a better, more consistent product at a reduced cost.
  • Fully automatic controls eliminates periodic weighing
  • Audible alarm alerts you when stability has been reached.
  • Extra shelves are included, so unit can be used as a regular oven for aging or heating.


  • Stability @100C = +/- 0.3C
  • Uniformity @ 100C = 1C
  • Stability @200C = +/- 0.6C
  • Uniformity @ 200C = 4.2C


  • Net Dimensions: 21.5"(54.6 cm)W x 35.5"(90.2)H x 25(63.5)D

Recommended Accessories

  • AY1145X3 Accessory pans and handle fork

Other Models

  • OV114520 240V

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