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September 20, 2021
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  Product Information
Brookfield Rotational Viscometer System (SUPERPAVE PKG)
Model: BTVR-9
Price: $7,935.00
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Usually ships in 2-5 days
   Product Model # Price   Sale Price Qty
 Brookfield Rotational Viscometer System (SUPERPAVE PKG)   BTVR-9   $7,935.00      
   Product Model # Price   Sale Price Qty
 Aluminum Disposable Sample Chambers (Pkg. of 100)   BTVR-9A4   $375.00      
 Included with this system. Order extra as needed 
 RheocalcT Application Software for the Brookfield Viscometer   BTVR-9A6   $975.00      
 Order if control of system by a PC is needed 
 Thermosel Spindle, SC4-21 ( 8 mL,0.93N,25-500K)   BTVR-9A7   $296.00      
 Thermosel Spindle, SC4-27, (10.5 mL ,0.34N, 125-2.5M)   BTVR-9A8   $296.00      
 One included with this system 
 Thermosel Spindle, SC4-28, (11.5 mL, 0.28N, 250-5M)   BTVR-9A9   $296.00      
 Thermosel Spindle, SC4-29, (13 mL, 0.25N, 500-10M)   BTVR-9A10   $296.00      
 Viscosity Standard Fluid, HT-100,000, 1 Pint   BTVR-9A3   $165.00      
 Viscosity Standard Fluid, HT-30,000, 1 Pint   BTVR-9A1   $165.00      
 One included with this system 
 Viscosity Standard Fluid, HT-60,000, 1 Pint   BTVR-9A2   $165.00      
 Wingather Application Software for the Brookfield Viscometer   BTVR-9A5   $540.00      
  Other Models
   Product Model # Price   Sale Price Qty
 Brookfield Rotational Viscometer   BTVR-16   $3,950.00      
 Viscometer only 
  USA price for the entire system (see included components/accessories below) as recommended by SHRP / Superpave and other applicable test standards. Inquire for a quote and/or international models and pricing.

In refineries and at asphalt plants, Brookfield viscometers are used to get fast and reproducible measurements of viscosity which correlates with AASHTO T201.

As binder quality is controlled, handling characteristics are measured for the binder ability to get pumped at mixing and compaction temperatures. Temperature/viscosity data are developed to estimate mixing and compaction temperatures for use in HMA design.

A certificate of calibration is included.

NOTE: Control of system by PC requires RHEOCALC software (order separately)
  • 54 selectable speeds provide superior range of viscosity/shear measurements
  • Easy-to-use keypad for simple selection of test parameters
  • Built-in RTD temperature probe for sample monitoring
  • Automatic data collection and historical comparison with optional Wingather™ software
  • Auto Range feature to display viscosity limits
  Testing Standards
  • ASTM D 4402
  • AASHTO T201


  • Range is 100 cP to 40 million cP
  • Accuracy of 1% of range with ±0.2% reproducibility
  • Speed from 0.01 to 200 rpm
  • Calibration torque of 7,187 dyne cms
  • Viscositiy measurements at temperatures from 9° to 260°C (40° to 500°F)

Recommended Accessories

  • Viscosity Standard Fluid (@Temp. 25, 93.3, 149C) HT-100,000, 1-Pint
  • Extra Disposable Test Chambers (Aluminum)
  • Dual Pen Recorder
  • WINGATHER Software
  • Set of (6) Spindles constructed of type #302 stainless steel (not needed for calibration)
  • Viscostiy Standard Fluid (@Temp. 25, 93.3, 149C) HT-60,000, 1 Pint

Included Accessories

  • Stand and Carrying Case
  • DV Loader software program with computer interface cable
  • Thermosel accessory for temperature control
  • SC4-27 spindle and dual probe container
  • Aluminum Disposable Sample Chambers (Pkg. of 100)
  • Viscosity Standard Fluid (@Temp. 25, 93.3, 149C) HT-30,000, 1-Pint
  • RTD Temperature Probe

Additional Documentation

Click here for parts schematic


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