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September 20, 2021
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  Product Information
Pocket Penetrometer
Model: STCL-3
Price: $51.00
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
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 Pocket Penetrometer   STCL-3   $51.00      
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 Pocket Penetrometer Adapter Foot   STCL-3A1   $19.00      
  Other Models
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 Pocket Geotester Kit   STCL-5   $275.00      
 Torsional Vane Shear Tester   STCL-4   $219.00      
  The new pocket penetrometer (shown with optional Foot Adapter Accessory, for softer soils - sold separately), weighing less than 5 ounces, reduces the human error in the classification of cohesive soils. It is a spring operated device used to measure compressive strength.

The pocket penetrometer is now required by OSHA on most excavation jobs.

Note: Photo shown may vary from actual unit supplied.

1. To start the test, push indicating ring to the highest point touching body.
2. Slowly insert piston until the calibration mark is level with the soil.
3. Read strength - up to 4.5 tons/sq.ft. (kg/ using low side of the ring (side closest to piston end); record reading and repeat step 1.
4. For weak soils, use 1" adapter foot. Multiply reading by 0.0625 to obtain strength in TSF or kg/cm2. Adapter foot attaches to the plunger by tightening set screw with allen wrench provided.
5. Readings are only approximations of actual strengths and accuracy of about 1/2 division (0.125 tons/ft2) is possible.

1. To clean interior, unscrew lock pin with allen wrench. Plunger assembly and spring will slide out of the housing.
2. Wipe parts clean or wash in warm soapy water, thoroughly rinse and air dry. It should not be necessary to frequently disassemble is carefully used.
3. The stainless steel spring can be checked for calibration on a good quality scale: 4.5 tons/ft2 equals 17 pounds. If the spring goes out of calibration, it can easily be replaced at nominal cost.
  • Spring operated
  • Dial type models available also
  • Made from hard anodized aluminum
  Testing Standards
  • OSHA required


  • Scale measures strength in tons per sq. ft. or kg per sq. cm.


  • Net Dimensions: 6.25x0.875" (158x21mm) length and diameter


  • Net Weight: 0.25 lb (115g)
  • Shipping Weight: Less than 1 Lb

Included Accessories

  • Carrying case with belt loop
  • Allen wrench

Additional Online Resource

Classification of Soils for Excavations


Additional Documentation

Click here to view the manual in PDF (if you can't, try switching browser to MS Explorer)


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