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September 21, 2021
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Model: BTVR-29
Price: $2,310.00
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Usually ships in 2-5 days
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 VISCOTESTER KIT   BTVR-29   $2,310.00      
  This hand-held unit checks viscosities of many liquids, including liquid asphalt with rubber additives (Florida DOT).

This kit comes with
1 x Viscotester
1 x Stand
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Viscosity Standard. 12500 cps. 1-Pint Bottle

This latest model utilizes the rotating cylinder principle. The resistance to the rotor movement caused by the viscosity (torque) is measured using a special mechanism to obtain direct readings in millipascal-seconds (mPa.s) or decipascal-seconds (dPa.s).

Please note that under AASHTO R-18-10, page 14,Table A 1.3, you are required to “standardize” your rotational viscometer every 6 months. This kit comes with the Brookfield viscosity standard Part No: 12500cPs

In addition to the AC adapter, this unit can be powered by alkaline batteries or nickel-hydride rechargeable batteries.

Supplied with 3 rotors for various viscosity levels. Measurement accuracy is +/- 10% of indicated value. Reproducibility is +/- 5% (calibrated with silicon oil).


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