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September 21, 2021
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Refrigerating/Heating Circulator, 120V/50Hz
Model: GLLW-53
Price: $4,300.00
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Usually ships in 2-5 days
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 Refrigerating/Heating Circulator, 120V/50Hz   GLLW-53   $4,300.00      
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 Refrigerating/Heating Circulator, 240V/50Hz   GLLW-53F   $4,300.00      
  This Refigerating/Heating circulator combines -25°C cooling capacity with a spacious 28-liter reservoir to provide precise temperature control for large or multiple samples even under rapidly changing heat loads. Plus they feature large 10¼ by 10¼ in. reservoir openings to make immersion and retrieval of samples quick and easy.

This model features the "Cool Command" refrigeration system and fuzzy logic energy management technique to deliver up to 50% greater energy efficiency than traditional systems. This advanced technology carefully monitors heat load to deliver only the amount of refrigerant needed. As a result, it permits fast bath cooling even at high temperatures without excessive energy consumption.

A fine choice for more modest applications and budgets, the 9602 features -25° to +150°C temperature control, a powerful 5-speed pressure/suction (duplex) pump for open or closed loop applications, and integral RS232 interface. A full graphic LCD display with multi-language help menus simplify operation and set-up.

Temperature Calibration
Cloud & Pour Point testing
Low-Temperature Reactions
Distillation Condensers
General Laboratory Cooling
Rotary Evaporators
Sample Tempering
Viscosity Studies

Temperature Range: -25º to 200ºC
Temperature Stability: ± 0.01ºC
Controller/RS232: Digital/Yes
Readout: Graphics LCD
Temperature Readout: ºC or ºF
Readout Accuracy: ± 0.25ºC
Pressure Flow Rate: 5-speed, 12 to 25 l/min
Suction Flow Rate: 5-speed, 8 to 18 l/min
Heater (60Hz/50Hz): 1100/2200 Watts
Shipping Weight: 162 lbs. / 73.6 kg

Notes: Cooling capacity, Watts x 3.41 = BTU's/hr. Performance specifications determined at ambient temperature of 20ºC/68ºF. For 50Hz units, derate cooling capacity and pump flow by 17%.
  • Extra Large Reservoir Opening
  • Easy-Access Reusable Filter
  • Bath Top Work Space
  • 28 Liter Reservoir Accommodates Large or Multiple Samples
  • 25°C Cooling Capability
  • Energy-Saving Cool Command™ Refrigeration System


  • Reservoir Capacity: 28.4 liters
  • Low-Liquid Cutoff
  • Over-Temperature Cutoff: Adjustable
  • Overall Dimensions: 19½ x 12½ x 18½ in. (49.5 x 70x 47cm) LxWxH
  • Reservoir Drain
  • Pump Inlet & Outlet : ¼ in. FPT Rear Discharge
  • Cooling Capacity @ +20ºC:700 Watts, @ 0ºC:510 Watts, @-10ºC:260 Watts
  • Working Access: 10¼ x 10¼ x 10¼ in. (26 x 26 x 26 cm) LxWxH

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