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September 20, 2021
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  Product Information
Wheel Tracker, Dry
Model: MTWT-2
Price: $27,800.00
Condition: Used - Excellent
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Usually ships in 6-14 days
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 Wheel Tracker, Dry   MTWT-2   $27,800.00      
  In many countries asphalt pavement surfaces deform in high temperature conditions, which results in a need to relay the surface.

The Wheel Tracking test offers a simple and inexpensive method of predicting if such failure is likely to occur.

A loaded wheel is run over an asphalt sample in a sealed and insulated cabinet for 45 minutes. A specially designed computer program controls the operation of the machine, and records rut depth, temperature and elapsed tome during the test. Comprehensive data is recorded and reported about the test.

Wessex also make an Immersion Wheel Tracker and a Slab Compactor.

  • Computer controlled, using specialised software developed by Wessex.
  • Tracking Rates are calculated automatically, with comprehensive Test Reports.
  • The machine has a compact well insulated cabinet, resulting in precise control of temperature.
  Testing Standards
  • ASTM Pending
  • BS 598 Pt 110: 1996
  • prEN 12697-22


  • Selectable speed range of 10-30 cycles/min
  • Adjustable travel from 150 to 300mm
  • Internal temperature control from ambient to 70C
  • Normal specimen size is 12x12x2" (305x305x 50mm)
  • Electrical load is 13 amps (@ 230V)


  • Net Dimensions: 67x35x55" (1702x889x1397mm), LxWxH


  • Net Weight: 450kg
  • Shipping Weight: 490 kg

Recommended Accessories

  • Extra wood mold (200 mm dia)
  • Extra steel mold (305x305x50 mm)

Included Accessories

  • Windows-based software for controlling machine operation and plotting rut depth with time
  • Wood mold (200 mm dia)
  • Steel mold (305x305x50 mm)

Other Models

  • Inquire for other voltages, etc.
  Seller Information
Seller: Sales Department
Phone: 740-549-9386
Fax: 734-448-0179

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