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September 21, 2021
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Superpave Ovens, 8, 12, 18 CF Chambers
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Condition: New
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 Superpave Oven, 12 CF Chamber   GLOV-25   $4,286.00   $4,150.00    
 Superpave Oven, 18 CF Chamber   GLOV-8   $5,775.00      
 Superpave Oven, 8 CF Chamber   GLOV-6   $2,920.00   $2,850.00    
  Designed With SUPERPAVE In Mind…
These large capacity ovens are able to take on the big heavy loads. The heavy-duty shelves will hold up to 200 pounds each and beg for more! These shelves love gyratory compactor molds. The heating elements and fans have been designed into the top of the ovens. Spill whatever you like in the bottom—these ovens don’t care!

Superior Features:
Digital PID controller allows for precise temperature control. As temperature nears setpoint, controller maintains maximum heat-up rate without overshoot. This type of temperature control provides the stability and uniformity necessary to meet today’s demanding procedures.

Hydraulic controlled over-temperature protection ensures oven temperature will not exceed preset limits. Upon initial start-up, set digital controller to your maximum procedure limit; rotate the hi-limit control fully clockwise allowing sufficient time for chamber to stabilize; rotate the hi-limit control slowly counterclockwise until setpoint is reached and hi-limit lamp illuminates; then rotate the hi-limit knob clockwise until hi-limit lamp turns off. Continue to rotate clockwise about 5 degrees to set hi-limit approximately 3 deg. C above setpoint. The over-temp is now set. Simple and dependable.

240 volt, 15 amp electrical service allows for fast heat-up and recovery times. (Unit comes equipped with power cord).

All models provide temperature uniformity of +/- 3 deg. C at 150 deg. C and all units have a temperature range of +10 degrees C above ambient to 250 degrees Celsius. You can’t find that kind of performance anywhere else at these prices

  • Digital P.I.D. Controller
  • Horizontal Airflow
  • Heavy-Duty Reinforced Shelves


  • 26 x 26" Shelves
  • Amps 12.5
  • Watts: 3000
  • 240V/Single Phase
  • TempRange: C amb+10C - 250C
  • 8 Cubic Feet

Included Accessories

  • 2 Heavy Duty 200 lbs Shelves (8 & 12 CF models)
  • 4 Heavy Duty 200 lbs Shelves (18 CF model)

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