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September 21, 2021
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Direct Tension System, BDT
Model: BTDT-2
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 Direct Tension Heat Sink (Set of 3)   BTA-34   $350.00      
  The Bohlin Direct Tension System (BDT) for asphalt is a complete instrument for evaluating stiffness and failure properties of asphalt binders at low "in-service" temperatures. (Complies with AASHTO TP3 - 98).

BDT results, in conjunction with Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR) data, provide a more complete characterization of the asphalt binder. In addition, BDT data predict the temperature at which thermal cracking would occur in the roadway.

The BDT features both the simplicity required of a routine specification tester for QA/QC and the versatility of a full research instrument, all in one. In fact, it is just as easy to determine the Pass/Fail analysis for asphalt Performance Grading as it is to perform comparisons of binder/additive and binder/modifier interactions over a wide range of strain rates.

Bohlin's Direct Tension System has been evaluated by the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) and meets all current and proposed specifications in accordance with Superpave as required by SHRP including AASHTO, ASTM, the Binder Expert Task Group and the FHWA.

Mechanical System:
To provide the most accurate and repeatable results possible, the following key features have been incorporated into the overall system design. The Bohlin Direct Tension System employs a stiff load frame and measuring head that rides upon preloaded precision linear bearings to reduce friction and errors associated with system compliance. The measuring head is driven by a high performance linear servo actuator providing maximum dynamic response and sensitivity without the backlash or wind-up of gearmotor driven systems. All key sensor and load cell components are isolated from the fluid bath, ensuring a safe and stable environment. The linear sensor is mounted across the specimen to provide the most accurate strain rate and position information. The Bohlin system is capable of forces in excess of 500N and speeds from 0.001mm/min to 500mm/min. Serviceability and reliability were key considerations in the robust design and final packaging.

Control and Data Acquisition:
The Windows® based software is completely automated requiring minimal operator intervention. Developed specifically for performing the AASHTO TP3-98 asphalt binder test of low temperature thermal properties, it controls and records all appropriate parameters. Results can be simultaneously displayed on the computer screen and saved to disk, while the test is in progress. The data may be easily exported to other applications such as Microsoft Excel. Both data acquisition & closed loop control utilize integrated 16 bit digital processing to ensure precision and sensitivity.

Key Features:
Fully Integrated Software Package
16 Bit Real Time Data Acquisition
Automatic or Manual Operation
Specification & Research Modes
Closed Loop Drive Control
Wide Range Precision Linear Servo Motor
Computer Controlled Fluid Bath
Standard PC & Windows® Compatible
Choice of Chiller Options.

System includes 6 asphalt specimen molds and 12 end tabs, which meet the requirements of AASHTOTP3-98. Additional sets are optionally available. A spring verification specimen that simulates the behavior of an asphalt sample is included, providing an easy method to verify the system operation and calibration.


Maximum load: 500 N
Speed: 0.001-500 mm/min
Stroke: 20 mm
Temperature (std) Range: +6° to -36° C, other options available.
Temperature Stability: +/-0.1° C or better
Accuracy: Rate:
Force: +/-0.1% of setting
+/-0.5% of reading
(to 2% of capacity)
Power: 110VAC 60Hz 15 amps,
220 VAC,50Hz
Overall (LxHxW): 36"x17"x16"
Bath (LxHxW): 11"x7x9"

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice

Additional Documentation

Click here to learn more about the Direct Tension test


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