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September 21, 2021
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  Product Information
Constant Temperature Ductility Machine w/Circulator, 115V 60Hz
Model: BTDL-3
Price: $16,900.00
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Inquire
   Product Model # Price   Sale Price Qty
 Constant Temperature Ductility Machine w/Circulator, 115V 60Hz   BTDL-3   $16,900.00      
   Product Model # Price   Sale Price Qty
 Acrylic Cover for Constant Temperature Ductility Machine   BTDL-3A1   $715.00      
 ASTM 63C Thermometer, -8 to +32C   GLTH-30   $85.00      
 ASTM 63F Thermometer, 18 to 89F   GLTH-29   $85.00      
 Base Plate for Ductility Testing Machine   BTDL-2A2   $48.00      
 Force Ductility Measuring Adapter, 115V60Hz   BTDL-4   $14,130.00      
 Standard Mold for Ductility Testing Machine   BTDL-2A1   $200.00      
  Other Models
   Product Model # Price   Sale Price Qty
 Constant Temperature Ductility Machine w/Circulator, 220-240V 50Hz   BTDL-3F   $19,400.00      
 Standard Ductility Testing Machine W/O Circulator, 220-240V50Hz   BTDL-2F   $13,150.00      
 Standard Ductility Testing Machine W/O Cirulator, 115V60Hz   BTDL-2   $13,100.00      
  Similar to the standard Ductility Machine, but equipped with a solid state, thermostatically controlled bath and circulator to control temperature within ± 0.9°F (±0.5°C) in the range of 35-90°F (1.7-32.2°C). Circulated water is directed through stainless steel tubes beneath a false bottom in the trough to provide efficient heat transfer. The Constant Temperature Ductility Testing Machine is supplied with three standard brass briquet molds and brass base plate. See BTDL-4 for information on force measuring adapters and molds
  Testing Standards
  • Federal Specification SS-R-406C; USDA Method 5 (BUL 12-16); DIN 52013
  • ASTM D113; D-4 Proposal P226; AASHTO T51; ANS A37.11;



  • Shipping Weight: 430 lbs. (195kg)

Included Accessories

  • 3 Standard Molds
  • 1 Base Plate

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