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September 20, 2021
  Soil Testing/Geo/Environmental
        Automatic Soil Processor
Model: STCP-2
Description: The automatic soil processor is used to quickly prepare samples for laboratory tests. This soil processor h... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $6,785.00

        Fully-Automated, Single Axis Closed-Loop Hydraulic Testing System
Model: STCP-1
Description: This machine is a versatile, fully-automated, single axis, closed loop hydraulic testing system specificall... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $66,475.00

        Harvard Miniature Compaction Apparatus
Model: STCP-8
Description: The Harvard Miniature Compaction Apparatus is used for moisture density tests using small samples, its comp... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $1,370.00

        Mechanical Soil Compactor
Model: STCP-5
Description: This unit is designed to automatically compact soil samples rapidly and produce a uniform degree of compact... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $7,100.00

        Soil Compaction Tester
Model: STCP-4
Description: Long, stainless steel rod can be inserted to 24", allowing you to test compaction levels as far down a... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $285.00

        Soil Grinder, 110V, 60Hz
Model: STCP-9
Description: This soil grinder prepares soil samples to proper particle size for accurate, repeatable test results. Grin... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $980.00


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