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September 20, 2021
  Sieves/Particle Size Analysis
Sieve Shakers/Testing Screens
        Budget 8" (200mm) Dia. Sieve Shaker
Model: ATST-7
Description: Affordable sieve shaker will hold seven 8" (200mm) diameter, full-height sieves or 15 half-height siev... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $799.00

        Mary Ann Sifter
Model: ATST-2
Description: Rainhart's "Mary Ann" Sifter has become a standard in labs doing SuperPave mix designs that requi... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $2,495.00

        Sieve Shakers ( 8 & 12 inch models)
Model: See Models Listed
Description: Truly "industrial strength" in many ways, including mechanically, electrically and functionally, ... (more)
Condition: New
Price: See prices listed

        Testing Screen, Gilson's TS-1
Model: MTSP-13
Description: Made for coarse material separation the TS-1 Testing Screen will also handle small amounts of finer materia... (more)
Condition: New


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