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September 20, 2021
  General Lab Essentials
Freezers/Chillers/Bath Circulators
        Refrigerating/Heating Circulator, 120V/50Hz
Model: GLLW-53
Description: This Refigerating/Heating circulator combines -25°C cooling capacity with a spacious 28-liter reservoi... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $4,300.00

        Refrigerating/Heating Circulator, 6 Liters, 120V60HZ
Model: GLLW-55
Description: This Refrigerating/Heating Circulator with the digital controller has all the advanced performance as the p... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $3,320.00

        Water Bath Heater/Circulator, 120V50/60 Hz
Model: GLLW-17
Description: Analog controller maintains temperature stability to +/- 0.2°C. 2-speed pump minimizes turbulence i... (more)
Condition: New
Price: Discontinued my MFG. See GLLW-56

        Water Bath Heater/Circulator, 120V50/60 Hz
Model: GLLW-56
Description: This 135°C Immersion Circulator features a single-point calibration capability and is suitable for tan... (more)
Condition: New
Price: $980.00


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