Moisture Room Control System (Assembled Control Panel)
Model   CTCI-4
Price   $2,285.00
Condition   New
Warranty   Yes
Availability   Inquire

The heart of every curing room is the Control Panel. Our wall mounted control panel automatically blends the use of hot and cold water to keep your curing environment temperature at precisely 73.4 ± 3°F (23 ± 1.7°C) while maintaining the room at 100% humidity. Our system is designed as a “stand alone” device without the use of foggers, misting devices, compressed air or HVAC units. A designated hot water tank is recommended to assure constant room temperatures.
We will custom design the closed loop layout with atomizing spray head (ACM-SPRAY) pattern of your cure room based on information provided (room dimensions, water temp. & water pressure). One pass water chillers also available if needed upon request.
• “Set it and forget it” application.
• Easy to read digital reference display.
• Manual bypass system in case of an electrical power outage.
• Easy to install Shark-Bite™ quick connect water line fittings.
• Allows space to accommodate a temperature chart recorder or temperature data logger

Conforms to ASTM C 92 ASTM, C511 & AASHTO M 201, AASHTO T-23
Shipping Info: 31” x 9” x 22” – 40 lbs.

Please note. Whether you are starting a new built or replacing the controller for an existing moisture room, you must provide us the following:

1. Layout/schematic of the moisture room with the proposed location of the entry door.
2. Water temperature.
3. Number of heads required or currently available. New heads are around $36 each but please inquire for current pricing. Thanks.

Available Accessories
  • Spray Head (1.5 gal/hr.) for Moisture Room Control System, CTCI-4A1, $28.00

Thursday, February 27, 2020