Force Ductility Test Assembly, 115V/60Hz
Model   BTA-1
Price   $8,850.00
Condition   New
Warranty   Yes
Availability   Inquire

The Force Ductility Test Assembly is engineered for accurate measurement of the force in tensile stress testing in a ductility machine. The unit features a platform for test sample placement and a stationary body which houses a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT). The LVDT detects movement of the platform and displays force to hundredths of a pound through the electronic digital transducer readout/controller unit. Assembly includes a load-measuring adaptor, a digital readout instrument with stand, RS-232 two-way interface, connecting cables, and data acquisition software. Also included is calibration stand, weight hanger assembly, and six weights (totaling 30 Lbs) for calibration in both English or metric units.

Testing Standards
  • ASTM D 6084
  • AASHTO T300

Other Models Available
  • Force Ductility Test Assembly without Calibration Weights, 115V/60Hz, BTA-2, $7,980.00
  • Force Ductility Test Assembly, 220V/50Hz, BTA-1F, $8,900.00
  • Force Ductility Test Assembly, without Calibration Weights 220V/50Hz, BTA-2F, $7,980.00

Available Accessories
  • Cable Replacement for Weight Holder, BTA-11, $35.00
  • Cable Replacement w/Platform Block, BTA-12, $89.00
  • Calibration Weight Set, BTA-9, $892.00
  • Force Ductility Calibration Stand, BTA-8, $765.00
  • Force Ductility Lab Stand for Readout/Controller, BTA-6, $149.00
  • Force Ductility Software Upgrade to Windows, BTA-5, $495.00
  • Readout/Controller w/Power Supply, Cables, Lab Stand and Software, BTA-4, $3,350.00
  • Rest Stand for Tensile Stress Adapter, BTA-7, $140.00
  • RS-232/Analog Cable and 25 Pin Adapter, BTA-14PA, $55.00
  • Straight Mold Sides for Tensile Stress Apparatus (Pkg. of 2), BTA-13, $45.00
  • Tensile Stress Adapter, Fixture Only, BTA-3, $3,240.00
  • Weight Holder w/Cable, BTA-10, $255.00

Thursday, July 09, 2020