Infrared Thermometer Gun, Laser Sight - NIST Traceable
Model   GLTH-2
Price   Discontinued by MFG
Condition   New
Warranty   Yes
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Range is -4 to 788°F and -20 to 420°C · Resolution is 1°· Accuracy: -20 to 100°C is ±2°C or 2% of reading, and above 100°C is ±3°C or 3% of the reading · Emissivity is fixed at 0.95 · Field of view is 8:1 · Size is 7 x 2 x 1-1/2 inches · Weight is 7 ounces.

Small, lightweight Traceable Infrared Thermometer Gun takes instant, less-than-a-second, temperature readings of any surface. Unique design permits one-handed "point and shoot" readings. Laser-sighting beam permits aiming precisely at target surface.

Field of view is 8:1 (example: reads a spot the size of 2 inches from 16 inches away). Features include backlighting at the touch of a button, data hold (freezes display reading), laser, low-battery indicator, and a °C/°F button.

Traceable® to NIST for Accuracy: Individually serial-numbered Traceable Certificate is provided.

Includes wrist-strap, soft-sided carrying case, 9-volt battery, and Traceable® Certificate.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2020