DSR Silicone Rubber Mold Set (9&19 mm Dia.)
Model   BTVR-5
Price   $43.00
Condition   New
Warranty   Yes
Availability   Usually ships in 24 hours

The Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) silicone rubber mold for the 8 and 25" (lower and upper) DSR plates is available as a set consisting of 1 each, 9 mm and 19 mm diameter molds.

Image above shows the 9 mm dia. mold.

Please note the following:

There has been a recent change to the specifications of the DSR molds. Instead of matching the diameters of the lower and upper DSR plates (25 and 8 mm respectively), the silicone rubber molds diameters are now 19 and 9 mm respectively. The change has been made to avoid trapped air bubbles and to improve the trimming task after oscillation is complete.

Other Models Available
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Thursday, November 26, 2020