ASR Detection Kit
Model   CTAD-1
Price   $580.00
Condition   New
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The Alkali-Silica Reactivity (ASR) Identification Kit, designed in accordance with SHRP Project C-202, detects the concrete deterioration in pavements, structures, and buildings. ASR occurs when silica or silicates in aggregates react with alkali in cement to form a gel-like substance. This gel absorbs water, and causes cracking difficult to distinguish from damage caused by corrosion, freeze-thaw cycles, or improper curing. Identification of ASR cracking allows engineers to prescribe suitable rehabilitation and to avoid identified reactive material sources.

The ASR Identification Kit consists of a viewing box fitted with double-tubed, 6-watt short wave UV light source providing 1200µW/cm2. After wetting the test area of any concrete structure with uranyl acetate solution (not included, available from most chemical suppliers), ASR gel can immediately be detected by bright yellow-green fluorescence under the UV light. The viewing box has a flexible contoured eyepiece with UV-absorbing window to protect user from UV radiation. Separate UV safety goggles are also provided for use when Velcro lamp holding straps are loosened to use lamp in the lab. Bottom of the viewing box has a flexible durable seal to prevent ambient light leakage when viewing against irregular surfaces.

The ASR kit is currently used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Federal Highway Administration

  • Fast and Accurate
  • Lightweight Complete kit weighs only 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg).
  • Self-Contained-"Portable darkroom" inspects portland-concrete roads, bridges, buildings, dams, etc
  • Saves Time and Labor Eliminates cutting and transporting of heavy concrete samples to the lab
  • Safe and effective

Testing Standards
  • AASHTO T299

  • AASHTO T299
  • Net Dimensions: Dark Room Box: 12x9x6.5" (305x229x165mm)
  • Shipping Dimensions: Dark Room Box: 12 lb (5.5kg); Cu. Ft.: 0.9
  • Net Weight: Dark Room Box 7.5 lb (3.4kg)
  • Shipping Weight: Dark Room Box: 12 lb (5.5kg); Cu. Ft.: 0.9.

Included Accessories
  • Dark room box fitted with double-tubed, 6-watt short wave UV light source providing 1200W/cm2
  • Handbook Packed with practical information on detecting ASR (Pub. # SHRP-C/FR-91-101)
  • Carrying Case and UV-Absorbing Glasses Included.

Recommended Accessories
  • Replacement 6-Watt Tube, $25.00
  • Replacement Filter Glass Assembly, $105.00
  • Gloves

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