Automatic Volume Change Apparatus
Model   STPM-1
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The automatic volume change apparatus is a 100cc capacity unit, which allows the accurate determination of volume change in a soil sample. It can also be used to measure permeability.

The automatic volume change apparatus consists of a calibrated chamber of known volume and a piston machined to tight tolerances, to give a precise measurement of the changing volume within the cylinder. As the piston moves an external measuring device, either an electronic dial gauge or an LVDT, either records or transmits the change in volume to a data logger.

If the change in volume exceeds 100cc then a changeover valve allows the internal piston to move in the opposite direction.

This can be repeated until volume change has completed.

Similarly large volumes of water can be measured during permeability testing.

  • High Accuracy >0.1ml
  • Limitless Capacity
  • Can be used with a digital dial gauge or transducer

  • Accuracy
  • Capacity
  • Net Weight: 7 kg

Included Accessories
  • Volume Change Apparatus 100cc capacity, complete with change over valves.

Thursday, February 27, 2020