DSR II Rheometer - Air Bearing
Model   BTVR-4
Price   $33,500.00
Condition   New
Warranty   Yes
Availability   Usually ships in 6-14 days

Developed in close cooperation with SHRP researchers, the Bohlin Asphalt Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR set new standards in asphalt testing technology offering precise and accurate unattended operation.

Latest ASTM and AASHTO protocols are built into software and PG Grading is automatic.

System price includes one-year warranty, installation and training in continental U.S.A., one year of software updates, and a technical support hotline.

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  • "NO GAP" feature frees the operator from re-zeroing the instrument gap with changes in temperature.
  • The two SHRP testing positions are clearly marked, easily selected, and locked.
  • Latest ASTM and AASHTO protocols are built into software and PG Grading is automatic.
  • Used by more AMRL certified labs than any other DSR.

Testing Standards
  • ASTM 246

  • Temperature stability is better than 0.03%.
  • 115V/60Hz. Inquire for 230V/50Hz model
  • Shipping Dimensions: 16 Cu. Ft.
  • Shipping Weight: 240 lb (109kg)

Available Accessories
  • DSR Asphalt Sample Trim Tool (Package of 6), BTVR-23, $138.00
  • DSR II Cover Water Bath (AKA Thermal Enclosure), BTVR-4A5, $385.00
  • DSR Lower Plate, 25mm Dia., BTVR-4A2, $600.00
  • DSR Lower Plate, 8mm Dia., BTVR-4A1, $600.00
  • DSR Silicone Rubber Mold Set (9&19 mm Dia.), BTVR-5, $43.00
  • DSR Temperature Probe, BTVR-6, $394.00
  • DSR Upper Plate/Spindle, 25mm Dia., BTVR-4A3, $450.00
  • DSR Upper Plate/Spindle, 8mm Dia., BTVR-4A4, $400.00
  • DSR/ADS High Temperature Calibration Oil, BTVR-4A6, $250.00

Included Accessories
  • Upper stainless steel measurement plates of 8mm and 25mm diameters.
  • Temperature RTD detector.
  • Cannon viscosity oil
  • DSR Windows software package
  • Lower sample holder plates of 8mm and 25mm.

Recommended Accessories
  • Silicon Rubber Mold Set.
  • Reference Thermal Detector Probe.
  • Computer/Printer System.
  • Viscosity Standard (2.7 million centipoise fluid)

Thursday, July 09, 2020