Munsell Soil Color Charts
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Developed with U.S. Soil Conservation Service for classifying the color of soils. Can also be used for rocks, archaeological specimens, animal pelage and other natural products in this color range. The new Munsell guide comes in loose-leaf binder with waterproof, washable text pages. One Rite-in-the-Rain text page also features a small ruler for on-the-spot measuring.

Color is often an indicator of chemical, biological or physical processes taking place in the soil environment. The Munsell Soil Color book was designed to facilitate color determination of soil samples under a wide range of environmental conditions. Over 322 color chips are mounted on eleven index tabbed charts. These matte color chips are mounted on 9 washable tabbed charts: 10R, 2.5YR, 5YR, 7.5YR, 10YR, 2.5Y, and 5Y, plus two Gley (blue and green colors, and gray scale for submerged soils). Has two washable masks (black/gray). Apertures between chips to facilitate observations. Books include illustrations of soil grain structures and charts for estimating proportions of mottles and coarse fragments; Contained in loose leaf binder with color-name diagrams, masks, and Rite-In-RainÒ note page.

Under typical use, it is recommended that you replace your the Soild Color Charts every 2 years to ensure correct color identification.

**This book can also be used for the evaluation of skin, hair and eye Color in anthropology, crimonology, pathology and forensic medicine.

  • Binder holds charts, color name diagrams, instructions and masks
  • Binder large enough to hold other special charts as well

  • Chart: 4.25x7.25" (11x18cm)
  • Color Chips: 1/2x3/4"(1.3x1.6cm)
  • 2000 Eddition, washable

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Included Accessories
  • Binder for charts, color name diagrams, instructions and masks
  • Gley Soil Chart for submerged soils, weak chromas and neutrals.

Monday, August 10, 2020