Model   BTVR-27
Price   $1,915.00
Condition   New
Warranty   Yes
Availability   Usually ships in 2-5 days

This hand-held unit checks viscosities of many liquids, including liquid asphalt with rubber additives (Florida DOT).

This latest model utilizes the rotating cylinder principle. The resistance to the rotor movement caused by the viscosity (torque) is measured using a special mechanism to obtain direct readings in millipascal-seconds (mPa.s) or decipascal-seconds (dPa.s).

Please note that under AASHTO R-18-10, page 14,Table A 1.3, you are required to “standardize” your rotational viscometer every 6 months. Please order our Brookfield viscosity standard Part No: 12500cPs

This unit can be powered by alkaline batteries, nickel-hydride rechargeable batteries, or an optional AC adapter. A stand is also available. See other model BTVR-28

Supplied with 3 rotors for various viscosity levels. Measurement accuracy is +/- 10% of indicated value. Reproducibility is +/- 5% (calibrated with silicon oil).

Other Models Available
  • VISCOTESTER KIT, BTVR-29, $2,310.00

Monday, June 01, 2020