DSR Asphalt Sample Trim Tool (Package of 2)
Model   BTVR-25
Price   $50.00
Condition   New
Warranty   Yes
Availability   Usually ships in 2-5 days

The DSR Asphalt Trim Tool is specifically designed to trim asphalt from DSR plates. This tool provides a unique cutting blade to ensure proper sample edge for both neat & modified asphalt binder samples at Intermediate and High test temperatures.


Dimension: Approx: 9 inch (L) x .25 inch (cutting tip)

DSR Sample Trimming Instructions

1. Heat the trim tool to the proper temperature where the binder would cut easily and can be transferred to a wood-handle cotton swap as a solid rope.
2. Hold the trim tool like a pen in your dominant hand and the wooden swab in the other. The cutting edge should be kept parallel and in contact with the sides of the plates during the trimming process.
3. Start cutting the sample as you pull the trim tool towards you. Start as far back as possible. Use the swab to clean excess liquid. Rotate the swab away from the direction of the trim as you move around the plates. This should result in a “rope” of asphalt that is wrapped around the swap and not on your plates or in the filters.
4. Trim about three-quarters of the way around the specimen. Hold the swab in place and reposition the tool to trim the back of the specimen toward the swab (use as many swabs as needed.)
5. Finish and inspect specimen. Run the heated tool around the specimen to ensure that the sample is neither convex or concave. With practice, you should be able to trim a 25 mm sample in less than ten seconds.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020