COLLECT Sieving Automation Software
Model   ATSW-2
Price   $495.00
Condition   New
Warranty   Yes
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A breakthrough in sieving software, COLLECT is an easy-to-use program that has the power to automate any application where particle size distribution is determined by sieving. COLLECT assists users by automating data collection, providing software control of instruments and automating calculations and reporting. Improving the documentation and recording of sieving results improves production monitoring, Quality Assurance and the validation and documentation of test procedures.

With one touch, COLLECT collects, processes, and displays data from any balance with an RS232 port. Fully integrated with Microsoft Excel®, COLLECT eliminates repetitive and time-consuming processes from your laboratory.

• Improve documentation and recording of sieving results
• Eliminate manual transcription errors
• Eliminate calculation errors
• Full integration with Microsoft® Excel® (2000 and higher)

The sieving software keeps records of sieve serial numbers, sieve tare weights, stack configurations and the different balances.

Requires a Pentium PC (minimum of 75MHz) with 150MB of disk space and an RS-232 port.

Please note that a copy of Microsoft Excel must be installed on the PC/laptop.

Windows XP, Vista -- 32 bit.

Thursday, September 24, 2020