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This desiccator is made of heavy, clear glass. The desiccator comes complete with a porcelain plate and has a ground-on cover with knob.

The desiccator's plate is both stable and chemical resistant for a long life. It can withstand temperatures up to 300 F (149 C).

Three models are available:

6" (152 mm) ID
8" (203 mm) ID
10" (254 mm) ID

Other Models Available
  • Desiccator, 10" (254mm) ID, GLGW-6, $120.00
  • Desiccator, 6" (152mm) ID, GLGW-4, $72.00
  • Desiccator, 8" (203mm) ID, GLGW-5, $95.00
  • Vacuum Desiccator, 10" (254mm ID) - Plastic, MTSG-13, $75.00

Wednesday, September 30, 2020