Micro-Deval Tester
Model   AMD-2004
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This new Micro Deval Tester is packed with features that make it suitable for labs seeking to comply with AASHTO TP58, TXDOT 845-4940, and Ontario LS-618. Unlike other units, it is equipped with a variable-speed revolution control feature making it ideal for aggregate research and enabling it to comply with any possible change in the specifications now, or in the future.

In the Micro-Deval test, the durability of mineral aggregates (abrasion resistance) is measured in the range of 9.5 mm to 19 mm. The percentage loss of aggregate gradation is a measure for aggregates quality.

The two-tier Micro Deval Tester comes with two spec-compliant stainless steel jars and abrasive charge sets (order AMD-2004A3, TXDOT's abrasive charge set separately). Jar's revolution and speed is monitored via an optical eye transmitting test information for time and number of revolutions as set by the operator.

The unit is housed in a sturdy steel frame that rotates the jars on rubber-coated rollers behind closed, see-thru doors for safety and convenience.

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  • Brushless AC motor for clean, carbon-dust free operation
  • Variable speed to allow testing diversity
  • Timing-belt system (not chain-drive) for quiet, maintenance-free operation

Testing Standards
  • ASTM - Pending
  • TXDOT 845-4940
  • Ontario LS-618
  • AASHTO Provisional Standard TP-58

  • 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • 5 AMP low power consumption

Available Accessories
  • Abrasive Charge Ball Set (TXDOT Spec) for Micro-Deval Tester, AMD-2004A3, $190.00
  • Abrasive Charge Ball Set for Micro-Deval Tester, AMD-2004A2, $170.00
  • Micro-Deval Tester Standard Jar, AMD-2004A1, $820.00

Included Accessories
  • Two stainless steel test jars with standard ball charge sets

Monday, June 01, 2020