Asphalt Permeameter for 6" Dia. Specimens
Model   MTPT-3
Price   $995.00
Condition   New
Warranty   Yes
Availability   Usually ships in 24 hours

Permeability in pavements has become a very important issue. If the mix is too permeable, premature stripping occurs, shortening the life expectancy of the pavement. Removal and replacement are not popular words in the paving industry. The Florida DOT developed their own test procedure to measure the permeability of compacted asphalt paving mixtures (FM 5-565). It utilizes the falling head method to determine the water conductivity of water-saturated asphalt samples as it applies to the one-dimensional laminar flow of water.

A simple, easy to use Asphalt Permeameter has been developed to conduct this test. The specimen is places inside a metal cylinder and is held in place by expanding discs. The cylinder has a rubber inner membrane that is pressurized to push against the outer edge of the sample, filling the voids and eliminating flow down the side of the core. A sink drain or other means to catch water flowing through the sample is required.

The Asphalt Permeameter is compact, self-contained and easy to use. It can even be taken out to the job site and used with cores taken from the mat. The unit includes a spare membrane and a 500 cc manometer that is held in place by a tight fitting o’ring. A built in hand pump provides both vacuum to pull the rubber membrane out against the metal cylinder during assembly and then confining pressure to push the membrane against the sides of the core during the test. A gauge indicates the pressure being generated by the hand pump.

Testing Standards
  • ASTM Standard PS 129-01
  • Florida FM 5-565 (click on link at bottom of page)

  • ASTM Standard PS 129-01
  • Florida FM 5-565 (click on link at bottom of page)
  • Net Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 30 lbs.

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Available Accessories
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Included Accessories
  • Spare Membrane
  • 500cc Manometer

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