Balance, 12 Kg x 0.1 g, Swing Arm by A&D
Model   GLSB-9
Price   $2,925.00
Condition   New
Warranty   Yes
Availability   Usually ships in 2-5 days

GLSB-9 is one of the GP Series industrial balances from A&D Weighing are engineered with patented hyprid sensor technology for applications including sieving and core sampling analysis, aggregate testing, and quality control.

Features include automatic self-calibration and detached display on specific models. Inquire.

Range and readability for GP-12K are 12 Kg and 0.1g

  • Large Stainless Steel Weighing Pan
  • Standard RS-232C
  • Accumulation of Weighing Results
  • IP-65 Splash Proof Keyboard, Display and Base Units

Testing Standards
  • ISO 9000
  • GLP/GMP/ISO Compliance

  • Stainless Steel Platform 13.5x15.1" (344x384mm) WxD
  • Data Memory
  • Auto Self Checking
  • Auto Re-Zero
  • Multiple Weighing Units and Programmable Unit
  • Air Bubble Leveling
  • SmartRange
  • Built-In Internal Claibration Mass
  • Display Auto Power OFF
  • Auto Power ON
  • Range and readability: 12 kg x 0.1 g. Other ranges available. See "Other Models"

Available Accessories
  • Weigh Below Hook for A&D GP Series Scales, GLSB-6A1, $149.00

Monday, June 01, 2020