Sediment Extraction Apparatus
Model   BTOT-2
Price   $312.00
Condition   New
Warranty   Yes
Availability   Inquire

This instrument is used to do the test to determine sediment content of crude oil and fuel oils by extraction with toluene. A test portion of the sample is placed in a refractory thimble. Toluene is gently boiled and its vapors condensed and allowed to drip into the sample funnel. The toluene washes out all of the crude oil or fuel oil leaving the insoluble residue only in the thimble. The mass of the residue is calculated as a percentage and is referred to as the sediment by extraction. Includes condenser thimble basket, water cup and extraction thimble.

Testing Standards
  • ASTM D473; IP 53; ISO 3735; DIN 51789; FTM 791-3002; NF M 07-010

Available Accessories
  • Condenser for Sediment Extraction Apparatus, BTOT-2A2, $142.00
  • Extraction Thimble for Sediment Extraction Apparatus, BTOT-2A5, $67.00
  • Powertrol Heater, 115V50/60HZ, BTOT-2A1, $456.00
  • Powertrol Heater, 220-240V50/60Hz, BTOT-2A1F, $501.00
  • Thimble Basket for Sediment Extraction Apparatus, BTOT-2A3, $73.00
  • Water Cup for Sediment Extraction Apparatus, BTOT-2A4, $59.00

Tuesday, July 14, 2020