Digital Dial Indicator, .6" Range x .0001" Res.
Model   STCD-10
Price   $370.00
Condition   New
Availability   Usually ships in 24 hours

All indicators feature a glass scale design with an unsurpassed accuracy of plus or minus one resolution when measuring from a known standard. The all have rugged, sealed enclosures, instant inch/mm conversion, plus or minus travel direction and maximum reading hold. Zero the tool at any position of the spindle. These indicators will also turn off after 10 minutes of non use. Three power sources are available: battery, A/C adapter or through port data.

Note: Inquire for pricing on the RS232 Data Output Cable and Batteries.

Testing Standards
  • ASTM D 2435

Other Models Available
  • Digital Dial Indicator, .0.250" Range x .0001" Res., STCD-22, $390.00
  • Digital Dial Indicator, 2.0" Range x .001" Res., STCD-24, $595.00
  • Digital Indicator, 1.0" Range x .0001" Res., STCD-23, $450.00

Available Accessories
  • Digital Dial Indicator, A/C Adaptor, STCD-10A1, $35.00

Monday, August 10, 2020