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February 26, 2020
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Heavy-Duty UPS for PAV 1500 Volt-Amp (110- 130V)
Model: BTAG-2A4
Price: $400.00
Condition: New
Warranty: Yes
Availability: Usually ships in 2-5 days
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 Heavy-Duty UPS for PAV 1500 Volt-Amp (110- 130V)   BTAG-2A4   $400.00      
  Back-up uninterruptible power supply providing 40-60 minutes of typical operation, plus power line filtering and stabilizing.

1,500 volt-amp rating; 110-130 volts a.c. only

This high performance battery backup features maximum protection in a versatile design. The Back-UPS can be placed on the floor, or on a shelf. Up to six battery backup outlets with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) enable you to work through even the most frequent brownouts and power sags. Both Ethernet 10/100BaseT and telephone dataline surge protection safeguards against surges entering via network connections. The PowerChute Personal Edition software features easy-to-use safe system shutdown with sophisticated power management.

Features & Benefits:

Lightning and Surge Protection: To prevent damage to your equipment from power surges and spikes.

Internet FAX - modem - DSL surge protection: Provides protection from surges and spikes traveling on the phone line.

Resettable circuit breaker: Easy recovery from overloads; no need to replace a fuse.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): Corrects under-voltages and over-voltages without draining the battery. Saves your battery for when you really need it.

Building wiring fault indicator Immediately warns you of wiring problems like improper grounds that could cause shocks or prevent adequately suppressing surges.

USB Connectivity: USB compatibility and connectivity ensures quick and easy installation of the free PowerChute Personal Edition Software.

Network Data Line Surge Protection: Prevents surges traveling over Ethernet 10/100bT data lines from damaging system.

Auto Diagnostic Testing: Biweekly testing of all internal components, including the battery, ensures your unit is ready when you need it.

Intelligent Battery Management: Actively increases battery life and system reliability using FastCharge technology, automatic battery and circuitry self-tests, and advanced diagnostics.

Audible Alarms: Proactively notifies you of changing UPS and utility power conditions.

User Replaceable batteries: With normal use, a UPS battery will last three to six years. APC’s renewable UPS system eliminates the need for factory service and loss of protection by letting you replace batteries for a fraction of the cost of a new UPS.

Faster Recharge Time: Battery can be recharged to at least 90% capacity within 2-4 hours so the unit can be prepared for the next outage.

Cold-start: You can power on the unit without any input power. This provides temporary emergency battery power when the utility power is out.

Hot Swap Batteries: You can change the battery without powering down your equipment.

Overload Indicator: Offers proactive notification that the UPS has too much equipment connected to it for its rated load.

Replace Batt Indicator: Proactively warns the user that the battery needs to be charged or replaced soon.

Specifications may change without notice. Photo may not represent the same unit supplied.


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